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Aesop Signature Store

Client: Aesop Cosmetics
Size: 105.sqm
Status: Completed June 2022
Design Team: Matteo Ferrari, Ciszak Dalmas
Photography: Romain Laprade

Madrid is not just a metropolis but also represents a way of life. An eclectic, vibrant city in constant evolution that preserves significant historical landmarks and a deep appreciation for places of yesteryear, contributing to maintaining its authenticity and the legacy of the old town. Public spaces come to life and become the perfect stage for sharing and framing the "Castizo" culture, adored by figures like Ernest Hemingway and Ava Gardner, among others.


With this premise in mind, the design of Aesop's first store in Spain was conceived. Located on Claudio Coello Street, No. 51, in the heart of Madrid's Salamanca district, the store explores two main narrative concepts: the city's artistic heritage and, more specifically, the desire to create a "Sanctuary for the Senses" in the local context.


The transition between the exterior and interior aims to celebrate the dichotomy between the elegant neoclassical style of the neighborhood and the everyday lifestyle of the city, with a space characterized by a local, familiar, and approachable feeling that accommodates Spanish art and design pieces.


The proposal aims to encourage a spontaneous exploration of the interior space without obvious hierarchies, an attitude reinforced by the use of a monomaterial floor, creating spatial continuity that partially invades the walls and counters.


The sculptural red travertine sink, a traditional element from Almeria, embraces the two central columns and thus becomes the focal point, celebrating gatherings and encounters within the AESOP experience.


As a backdrop, the display niches run along the entire perimeter of the store, a constant only briefly interrupted by natural light entering through the facade and courtyard openings, creating a close dialogue between the existing elements and the new interior architecture.


An intimate space, enhanced by the presence of a mural tapestry by María Asunción Raventos and Toro Armchairs, an iconic Spanish design from the 1950s-60s. A new adventure that represents an exciting moment in the journey of Ciszak Dalmas Ferrari and a significant challenge in defining an emblematic small-scale store design with great attention to detail.

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