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Matteo Ferrari - Hiscox

Hiscox Headquarters and Art Gallery

Location: Londres
Client: Hiscox
Size: 5450.sqm
Status: Completed December 2022

Foh: Matteo Ferrari, Ciszak Dalmas

Boh: Studio Tilt

Lighting Design: Studio ZNA

Furniture Specialist: Workroom
Photography: Ståle Eriksen

Located on the 9th and 10th floors of the 22 Bishopsgate building in London, the new Hiscox headquarters is conceived as an innovative approach to the corporate environment, challenging traditional conventions by placing art and human interaction at the core of the design process. It celebrates the insurer's heritage, ambition, and love of art, as evidenced by its consistent art collection built up over the decades.


The design vision places artworks at its center, aiming to deliver a disruptive and inspiring space that rethinks its category and challenges expectations. Far from being just an office or a hospitality space, the design aspires to be a physical expression of the insurer’s culture and energy—a monumental and sculptural design that creates an immersive platform for art, designed to be impactful and timeless, free from pretentiousness, always looking towards the future with intelligence and honesty. It is a piece of art in its entirety.


The synergy between art and architecture creates an environment that not only visually stimulates but also seeks to generate meaningful interactions with the occupants. Each piece of art becomes a catalyst for creativity and innovation, turning every corner into a source of inspiration. Commissioned pieces signed by contemporary artists such as James Turrell, along with other iconic pieces by Picasso, Francis Bacon, and Jeff Koons, populate the interior spaces.


Comprising a total surface of 5,450 sqm, a creative team was assembled to design specific areas, all combined into a cohesive vision for the space: London-based Studio Tilt was in charge of the Back of House (BOH) main office and meeting areas, while Ciszak Dalmas and Matteo Ferrari studio was called upon to shape the experience and atmosphere for the Front of House (FOH), which includes an Art Café, a Gallery, and an Auditorium.


The new Hiscox Headquarters signifies a new paradigm in the design of a hybrid, creative, multi-team workspace, rooted in fostering brand awareness, strong partnerships and collaborations, and creating a human-centered, inspiring, and welcoming experience.

Matteo Ferrari - Hiscox
Matteo Ferrari - Hiscox
Matteo Ferrari - Hiscox
Matteo Ferrari - Hiscox
22BG-CDF-FOH-9th FLOOR.png
22BG-CDF-FOH-10th FLOOR.png
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