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Tom Kublin for Balenciaga. An unusual collaboration.

Location: Getaria, Gipuzkoa
Client: Museo Cristobal Balenciaga
Size: 240.sqm
Status: Completed June 2022

Curator: Ana Balda, María Kublin

Parteners: Archives Balenciaga, Swiss National Museum, Museum für Gestaltung Zurich

Design Team: Matteo Ferrari, Ciszak Dalmas

This new exhibition at the Cristóbal Balenciaga Museum explores and highlights the professional relationship between Cristóbal Balenciaga and the photographer Tom Kublin for over two decades.


Tom Kublin (Zalaszentgrot, 1924 - Locarno, 1966) had a brief but intense career in cities like Zurich and Paris after World War II. During that time, the art of photography presented fashion from perspectives and frames that diluted the innovative and technical capabilities of haute couture. In this context, Tom Kublin photographed Balenciaga's designs for prestigious magazines, showcasing the designer's taste and craftsmanship without distortion.


He also photographed the designs from each Balenciaga collection to protect copyright, as was customary in the world of Parisian haute couture. From the early 1960s, his work evolved to include filming Balenciaga's collections.


With over 100 photographs and 5 film excerpts, this exhibition presents a broad and comprehensive selection of Kublin's extensive work for Balenciaga from all these perspectives.


The exhibition is curated by Ana Balda and María Kublin, while Ciszak Dalmas Ferrari is responsible for the scenography and interior design.

With the collaboration of Archives Balenciaga, Paris; Swiss National Museum, Museum für Gestaltung Zurich.

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