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Gisela Flagship Store

Location: Malaga
Client: Gisela
Size: 80.sqm
Status: Completed November 2020
Design Team: Matteo Ferrari, Ciszak Dalmas
Photography: Asier Rua

After a long history in the lingerie sector, Gisela is embarking on a new retail image that offers the opportunity to showcase its history and future vision.


The new concept aims to pay tribute to the contemporary woman, her femininity, delicacy, and authenticity. A holistic language is built through the combination of sinuous and rigid elements, alternating transparencies and textiles with iconic columns and irregular space divisions.


A tactile experience finds its purpose in the material solutions adopted. The earthy color palette and neutral tones of the volume create the ideal backdrop to highlight the textured stripes of Macael marble, the reflections of copper, and the delicacy of the tulle curtain.


The project is a new exercise in experimenting with very different and unique solutions while combining functionality and aesthetics in a harmonious and characterful space.

GISELA - Masterplan.png
GISELA - Sección AA'.png
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