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Lope de Vega 21

Size: 160.sqm
Status: Completed February 2018
Design Team: Matteo Ferrari, Ciszak Dalmas
Photography: Matteo Ferrari

In the historic neighborhood of Las Letras in Madrid, the new showroom of the Ciszak Dalmas Ferrari studio finds its place within a building that carries the traces of its recent history.


The intervention is conceived as a transient milestone, enriching the chronology of the building and reversing the state of abandonment. It's a reversible action that roots its technical and aesthetic solutions in the layers revealed during its transformation. This approach creates a series of successive spaces that enhance comfort and expand the perception of light without altering the domestic character, morphology, or unique architectural elements.


The materials room and the lounge, characterized by an original fireplace, represent the central elements. These are dynamic spaces over time, intended for the creation of mockups and prototypes of the designs developed by the studio, transforming into a full-scale model in which clients and designers work hand in hand.

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