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Hoff Flagship Store

Client: Hoff
Size: 80.sqm
Status: Completed October 2020
Design Team: Matteo Ferrari, Ciszak Dalmas
Photography: Asier Rua

Inspired by a cosmopolitan vision, Hoff opens its first flagship store in one of the iconic places that give its sneakers their name. The goal is clear: to conceptualize a space beyond the traditional retail environment for sneakers and Hoff's commitment to the purity, clean lines, and simple geometries of its products.


The architecture, open to the outside space, aims to create an oasis in the city with a very intimate and relaxed atmosphere, in contrast to the urban and colorful image of the products.


A dynamic shopping experience revolves around two Sepúlveda stone tables, a traditional material from the Madrid region that provides a sense of natural groundedness, finding its intimate moment in the organic space of the sofa.


The exhibition solutions elevate the sneakers to a higher formal status, presenting the products as unique pieces. Similarly, the diversity of materials emphasizes robust solutions for a smooth balance between architecture and the items on display.

HOFF - Masterplan.png
HOFF - Section AA'.png
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